Ferry service for the St. John's River crossing at Mayport has been in operation since 1894, and has provided a vital transportation link connecting the north and south banks of the St. John's River along SR A1A since 1948.

The Ferry is vital to the local Jacksonville Beaches community. Its tradition is steeped in history and provides Jacksonville residents a tremendous opportunity to link different parts of town together. Children and Adults all love the services that the Ferry provides. We are in danger of losing this historic treasure of the First Coast. We need your help to continue to operate the Ferry for now and generations to come.

We are raising money to "Keep the Ferry" in many different fashions. Our goal is to raise $200K to Keep the Ferry. We have a long way to go. We have partnered with ShuffleandDine.com to try to raise a portion of that goal. We believe that with your help and the help of ShuffleandDine.com we can raise over $10,000.00 toward that goal. We encourage you to purchase the ShuffleandDine.com decks if you see them. Proceeds from every sale of the decks go to Keep the Ferry. Today, we are asking you to purchase a deck directly by hitting the "donate now" button. The decks are sold for $30.00 and $10 of that money goes to Keep the Ferry.

The obvious question is, what do I get for that money? Well, two things:
1) You get to help save this tremendous asset that has been enjoyed by our residents since 1894.
2) You get a ShuffleandDine.com Deck. See below to see what a ShuffleandDine.com deck is and to purchase one from Keep the Ferry.

About the Deck
ShufflandDine.com is a deck of cards. There are 54 Total Cards in the deck. 50 of those are $10 Gift Cards to local Jacksonville Restaurants. In addition there are 4 Bonus Businesses in the deck. Those bonus businesses are also local businesses that, like you, care about the Jacksonville Community.

Free Items
Beaches Car Wash is offering a Free Exterior Car Wash, Jacksonville Beach Golf Club is offering a Free Round of Golf, USA Park is offering 2 FREE Days of Airport Parking and Sweet CeCe’s is offering a Free Cup of Yogurt. These business have all given Free Items or services. No purchase necessary. No strings attached. If you play golf, you know that a round of golf costs more than the $30 deck. Use 3 of our cards and your donation has paid for itself.

Please see the list of restaurants click here. You can also visit the ShuffleandDine.com website to learn more about the product.

We want to thank all of you for donating your time and money to this great cause. The Ferry is a vital part of our Jacksonville History and we would all like to see it stay here.

We need your help though. So please buy a deck of cards and help the Ferry, the Local Jacksonville Community and yourselves by enjoying the great offering inside the ShuffleandDine.com Deck.

Buy a Deck here

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