GET INVOLVED decks are filled with OPPORTUNITY. We have structured the decks so that the opportunity abounds for everybody. We provide restaurants with the opportunity to earn new customers. We provide consumers the opportunity to try new restaurants and create new habits. We also provide charities the opportunity to fund their organizations. In addition we keep supporting local businesses in the process. They are the heart of Jacksonville and we need to keep them vibrant. decks provide an invitation to restaurants.

We are locally owned and operated and have been since 1997. We have a reputation for delivering great content. We hand pick the best restaurants in town from a variety of different styles and price ranges. Because we are local we understand the market and are able to deliver the content that consumers crave.

If you are interested in featuring your restaurant in the decks in Jacksonville please fill out the form below and we will contact you. Spacing is limited and the competition for that space is great. We do not accept every restaurant into our deck. We are very discriminating so that we can deliver a great experience for all.

Fill out our form for more info:

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