WIN, WIN, WIN - FOR EVERYBODY is a great way for families to enjoy fabulous discounts at their favorite local Jacksonville, Florida restaurants. We hand pick the best restaurants around town so you may find some new places to try as well.

Each deck contains 50 Cards for local restaurants, cafés and eateries. Each card represents $10 off your bill of $25 or more at the listed locations. As if that were not enough, we include 4 FREE Bonus Cards with every deck. These cards are from different businesses that contain FREE offers with no purchase necessary.

Support Local Businesses, Fund Raising Efforts and Charities AND Earn $10 Off in at your favorite local restaurants in the process. decks contain over $500 in savings. You can buy the decks through schools, charities, businesses, organizations, churchs or on-line.


We choose local: local businesses, local fundraisers, local charities, local schools and local church’s. We sell Locally and do it for a good reason. We believe local businesses are the heart of our communities. We aim to support them in every way possible. They keep our Jacksonville Community vibrant and unique. Help us help them while helping you save money in the process. Everybody wins.